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Ruchi Singh


Migration of 300 microservices from AWS cloud to Snapdeal cloud

Submitted Mar 10, 2017

Every developer or ops person dreads the moment when they have to reconfigure servers, because of the various aspects involved in the seemingly tedious process. But it doesn’t always have to be. Here comes Infrastructure as Code: A reason to smile. The idea of “infrastructure as code” is that the systems which are used to run code can be treated like as if they, themselves, are code."

Every server can be automatically rebuilt from scratch, and the configuration tooling run continuously, not ad hoc. Post configuration come inter-app and inter-device communication, “Service Discovery” is the concept everyone thinks about.

I plan to share my experience of how we migrated our 300 microservices from AWS to Snapdeal Cloud by using these two major concepts and made our infrastructure faster, stronger and more flexible.


The talk will dive into how we planned and executed a successful cloud migration with five 9s uptime. I’ll dig deeper into:

  • service group and dependency graph planning

  • risks involved in live migrating, gotchas and our resolutions to them

  • demo of dendrite: our take of infrastructure as code, terraform and how we spin up Snapdeal on demand

Speaker bio

I am an avid foodie and in my freetime ensure that Snapdeal runs reliably across hybrid cloud as part of the Cloud and Infrastructure team.



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