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arpitha jacob


Your brain on sleep

Submitted Apr 27, 2017

In this talk we will go through the biological and psychological bases of sleep. By the end of the talk, you will have an understanding of why we need sleep and what happens when sleep isn’t ideal, and of course, what Ideal sleep is and how to hit that sweet spot


Neural correlates of sleep
- Why do we sleep,
- What’s happening in our brain when we sleep?

How does sleep affect
- Learning and memory
- productivity

How does physical/mental health interact with sleep?
- Long term effects of chronic sleep deprivation
- Sleep disorders

How does your work and environment interact with sleep?

Tools for better sleep
- Are there good/bad (practical) sleep habits?
- Sleep diary
- Apps

New trends/hacks
- Light therapy
- Modafinil
- Melatonin
- Bi-modal sleep
- Sleep hacking

Speaker bio

I am a neuroscience researcher at NIMHANS, Bangalore. When I am not sleeping,I study the brain using fMRI and other imaging techniques.



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