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Ratnadeep Debnath


Build, test, deliver latest and safest container images effortlessly

Submitted Apr 6, 2017

CentOS Community Container Pipeline empowers running a container registry (currently at to facilitate upstream and distro components to be delivered in a format suitable to be consumed by container tool chains on CentOS Linux.It enables upstream projects to build, test and deliver latest and safest container images, everytime and effortlessly (or with minimal efforts).


Who’s it for?

This talk is for people who are tired of building and maintaining container images for their open projects and are looking for a better way to effortlessly build, test and deliver container images. This talk will also be beneficial for people who have just started dockerizing their projects.

What will you learn?

  1. What’s the CentOS Container Pipeline?
  2. How it helps you? What problems it solves?
  3. How is it different from Docker Hub?
  4. How it works?
  5. How to get on board the container pipeline?

Talk structure

  1. Current state of things for delivering container images
  2. Shortcomings
  3. A better way to build, test and deliver container images
  4. CentOS Container Pipeline, the solution
  5. How it works?
  6. Demo
  7. Summary
  8. Questions


  • Basic knowledge of Docker and containers
  • It’s good to know what CentOS is :)

Speaker bio

Ratnadeep Debnath is an Open Source contributor and has contributed to Fedora, Mozilla and Wikimedia. He is an old timer in Python/Django and is the creator and maintainer of Waartaa ( He works at Red Hat as a Container Engineer and works on the CentOS Community Container Pipeline, alongside diving into the land of container orchestration, and also taking his baby steps in Golang.



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