Detecting anomalous network patterns

Detecting anomalous network patterns

Using anomaly patterns for improved data security, network monitoring and observability.

Shrutirupa Banerjiee


Magecart - The Rising Threat to e-commerce Websites

Submitted May 25, 2021

The news about a cyber attack in a big enterprise is not new. We keep on hearing about such attacks and how millions of data are being stolen or leaked. Thus, Data breaches are one common impact of cyber attacks in any large organization. Attackers keep on looking for newer exploits or rare kinds of attacks to steal user information and use them for malicious use. In this session, the audience will learn about a lesser-known kind of attackers’ group, whose main target is the e-commerce websites. They are called Magecart. A Magecart attack focuses on stealing PII (Personal Identifiable Information) details of the common users by digital skimming. The audience will understand how these kinds of attacks happen, the technical aspect of them and how to mitigate them. The session targets anyone who is interested in cyber-security and has the willingness to learn something new.


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