Choosing datastores

Choosing datastores

Guide on how to select datastores to solve different problems

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How do you select datastores and be aware of their limitations when applied to the problem at hand? Are there misconceptions you wish someone had cleared for you as you started on your journey of scaling with datastores?

Choosing data stores for your use cases conference will help you understand:

  • Running datastores at scale - and tuning, debugging and operations.
  • Solving specific use cases with a certain datastore.
  • Data modelling and developer experience with datastore.

Senior infrastructure and software engineers from Farfetch, Aerospike, Zeotap,, LinkedIn and Tesco engineering will share war stories and their learnings with practitioners in the audience.

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Ankit Gupta


Efficient and Reliable Ticket Routing Platform@Uber Scale

Submitted Aug 6, 2021

Routing, a key function of Uber’s Customer Obsession platform, is a distributed, high-scale, low-latency platform that acts as the “brain” connecting a customer to the best suited human to address their concerns in the fastest and most effective way - at Uber scale. Router’s journey from using MySQL as a single data store to now a hybrid model (Redis, Elastic Search, MySQL, DocStore - internal NoSQL Db) to build an omni-channel ecosystem across multiple lines of business (Rides, Eats, Delivery, OTT etc.), globally and support complex matching at an expected QPS >1K - has been transformational.


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Aparna Vaikuntam

Powering EMI Financing in ZestMoney with CQRS

Creating, editing, deleting and querying data related to merchant partners of ZestMoney and what EMI Financing options to allow for them was a major problem we solved at Zest. While doing a deeper analysis of the problem, we realised that business data entry and querying systems usually have different functional and non-functional requirements. The data creation and related updates are done by bu… more

14 Aug 2021