Rootconf Delhi edition

Rootconf Delhi edition

On network engineering, infrastructure automation and DevOps



Shrutirupa Banerjiee


The era of Smart Contracts

Submitted Oct 29, 2019

Blockchain is one of the emerging technologies which is making it’s way into different sectors such as banking and health care industries. The application and adoption of Smart Contract is spreading because it aids to solving real life problems.
The session will talk about the era of Smart Contracts from the time it first came into existence to the time it is being used for solving various problems.
The main goal behind this session would be to understand what kind of problems are being solved by Smart Contracts and what further problems we can look into. The session will put some light on certain test cases and what were their solutions. The audience will be given basic information about some of the security issues with Smart Contracts as well. The intended audience for this session will be someone who has a little bit knowledge of blockchains and smart contracts with an enthusiastic mindset of learning something new


  1. What are Smart Contracts?
  2. Why are we talking about it?
  3. How did it come into existence?
  4. A basic implementation of Smart Contracts
  5. What are the problems?
  6. Solutions that we can think of
  7. The test cases
  8. An overview of some security issues
  9. Conclusion

Speaker bio

The speaker holds a Master of Science Degree in Computer Applications(MSc(CA)) from Symbiosis International University, with experience in working on blockchain technologies and conducting security reviews for Web and mobile applications, and Ethereum based Smart Contracts in her previous role as an Information Security Consultant and research intern. Currently she is independently researching on Ethereum Based Smart Contracts alongside working as a Web Application Security Analyst with the WAF Research team at Qualys. She is also the Pune Chapter Lead for the Infosecgirls community and also one of the lead for WomenWhoCode in Pune. She has also presented at conferences such as Owasp Seasides 2019, Bsides Singapore 2019, Webinars and Null Chapter Meets.



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