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Deployment Automation Framework @MakeMyTrip

Submitted by Paritosh Anand (@paritosh) on Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Section: Full talk (40 mins) Category: Automation Status: Awaiting details


Automated deployments has always been a complex topic considering diverse nature of tech stacks and infrastructure platforms.

For achieving one stop application and stream lining deployment automation for dev teams through an environment agnostic approach. Edge has stood the test of times in this constant endeavor of ensuring zero downtime production deployments across all platforms and current world of growing tech stacks


  • Inspirations for ideal Deployment Automation Framework
  • Why Jenkins is not meant for Deployments. Comparisons with alternatives.
  • Platform agnostic & env. agnostic
  • Benefits of Canary Strategy
  • Blue Green Deployments
  • Tech stack & architecture
  • Integration with change control system
  • Staggered or Zero Downtime Deployments
  • Fabric – Remote Command Execution

Speaker bio

Paritosh Anand is Principal DevOps Engineer at MakeMyTrip.

He strives to bridge the gaps between all the teams to attain high standards of DevOps tools and approach. He is a propellent of Docker oriented approach and developed and Deployment Automation Framework - Edge. Loves brainstorming and developing creative solutions to improve efficiency.




  •   Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Reviewer 4 months ago

    Thanks for the proposal, Paritosh.

    Edge and details about Edge are highly MMT specific. A talk about Edge may not be interesting for participants at Rootconf. Instead, if you can turn the proposal around to explain:

    1. What was the problem that the MMT team was facing?
    2. What other approaches were considered to solve the problem?
    3. Why was the decision finalized to build Edge?
    4. What are the wins of Edge that are a win for the team? What has been compromised as a result of Edge?
    5. What was the situation before Edge and after Edge?

    then such a proposal is more interesting.

    Look forward to a revised proposal.

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