Rootconf 2019

Rootconf 2019

On infrastructure security, DevOps and distributed systems.

Meghashyam Varanasi


DevOps and Continuous Security on AWS

Submitted Jan 23, 2019

DevOps and Continuous Security on AWS

Organizations across the globe are embracing DevOps to deliver quality products at speed and reduced cost. To accelerate the adoption, Organizations are relying on out of the box DevOps solutions. A typical DevOps implementation consists of many moving parts and often it is necessary to find set of tools that naturally integrate, thus reducing the overall implementation time and effort. Amazon Web Service (AWS) offers a mature set of tool chain across the DevOps spectrum. AWS provides these DevOps tools as services and comes with immense benefits such as ease of implementation, out of the box solutions, industry standard implementation, minimal upfront cost & pay as you go models etc. In this talk, we will explore various aspects of implementing DevOps on a AWS platform and map the DevOps ask with AWS tools/services.

While DevOps adoption is becoming the new normal, moving to a truly Continuous Delivery is still a distant dream for many Organizations. The threat of impending security lapse prevents organization move to a truly Continuous Delivery method, where code goes to production through automated process. Continuous security is the key here. AWS offers multiple tools, controls and check points to ensure that security is integrated so that DevOps transforms to DevSecOps.


Structure of the Presentation

  1. 2 minute self-introduction
  2. Context Setting – 5 minutes
    a. Topic Introduction
    b. DevOps Progression over the years
    c. Importance of Security
  3. DevOps in AWS – 5 minutes
    a. DevOps Key elements
    b. AWS mapping for key DevOps elements
  4. DevOps Toolset in AWS – 5 minutes
    a. List 4-5 Major AWS services and talk about them
    b. Talk about the other AWS services
  5. Importance of Continuous Security & Transition to DevSecOps - 3 minutes
  6. Security services available in AWS – 5 minutes
  7. Video Demo for DevSecOps on AWS – 7 minutes
    a. Take up a small project ( 1 minutes)
    b. Set up DevOps end to end cycle for the project ( 4 minutes)
    i. Continuous Integration
    ii. Continuous Build
    iii. Continuous Deploy
    iv. Continuous Delivery Tool chain Implementation
    c. Set up Continuous Security Controls (2 minutes)
  8. Question & Answer – 10 minutes


Not Applicable

Speaker bio

Meghashyam Varanasi has 15 plus years of experience in IT and ITes industry. He holds an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad & B.Tech Computer science degree. He is also AWS Certified DevOps - Professional, AWS Certified Security Speciality besides many other technology certifications.Over the last couple of years he presented in various technology forums in India on the topics of DevOps,DevSecOps,Customer Experience,and Cloud etc.




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