Rootconf 2019

Rootconf 2019

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Fatima Shaikh


Building and Deploying applications on OpenShift

Submitted Feb 28, 2019

This session will highlight the building of applications and deploying them on OpenShift Container Platform.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Deploying an Application to an OpenShift Cluster.
  • Managing Applications with the Web Console and CLI.
  • Building Applications:
  • The build process
  • Managing and triggering builds.
  • Using webhooks.
  • Managing deployments in OpenShift.
  • Scaling applications.


The session will help you understand and create a new OpenShift Container Platform application from components including source or binary code, images and/or templates by using either the OpenShift CLI or web console.

Accessing this applications via routes through services will also be explained along with application building and deployments.


  • Knowledge about containers.
  • Knowledge about container orchestration tools.

Speaker bio

Fatima is a Support Engineer working with Red Hat. OpenShift Container Platform is her main domain, but the curiosity to learn more has landed her with CodeReady Workspaces as well. Being eclectic, she also believes in sharing all this knowledge on various platforms, as this will help everyone get a look at what the future holds!



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