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On infrastructure security, cloud architecture, cloud optimization and distributed systems


Submitted by Neelu Tripathy (@br3akp0int) on Monday, 18 March 2019


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Birds Of Feather (BOF) session


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DevSecOps is becoming increasingly relevant with changing requirements and rapid product development becoming the norm. Through this Birds of Feather session we plan to discover various approaches of integrating end to end security in the DevOps cycle.
Key takeaways would be existing challenges, current approaches & automation.


We are looking to bring forth the following issues:

-Challenges in integrating security in a fast paced DevOps Cycle -Current Practices being followed for DevSecOps in their Organizations -How is SAST & DAST placed in the lifeCycle -Embedding Security in the Pipeline and Automation -Whats different when dealing with containers and cloud



Speaker bio

Neelu Tripathy
She is working as principal consultant for AppSec at Thoughtworks. Her array of experience includes Penetration testing and Vulnerability Assessments, Threat Modeling and Design Reviews of web applications & APIs, Source Code Reviews, Configuration reviews, Social Engineering engagements and Red Teaming. She loves building and execution of various threat cases & bending business logic. Currently She is focussed on integrating security in fast paced Agile development lifecycles and delivering security by building it into the product.

LavaKumar Kuppan
He is the founder and primary author of the IronWASP project and various other appsec focussed tools such as Ravan, JS-Recon, Imposter, etc. His products helps developers and admins discover security issues in their websites. He is also a security researcher with notable security advisories to his name.



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