Rootconf Pune edition

Rootconf Pune edition

On security, network engineering and distributed systems

Jayesh Bapu Ahire


Demystifying AIOps

Submitted Jul 29, 2019

For years, IT has struggled to keep the lights on. Now that businesses are aggressively pursuing digital transformation, that battle is becoming even more difficult. The number of applications and services is exploding. Changes are now measured in seconds or minutes, instead of months or years. Approaches such as DevOps are driving this acceleration – but, unless IT operations can keep up, digitalization will inevitably hit a brick wall.

So, here’s the question. How do IT operations keep pace? How does it rise above today’s siloed IT environment, breaking down barriers and automating processes in the same way that DevOps does?

AIOps is the answer. (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations). AIOps uses machine learning to automatically detect, diagnose, and even remediate IT service issues in real-time. That means you resolve service issues quickly and accurately – and it takes far less effort. As it evolves, AIOps will intelligently automate a wide set of IT processes, delivering benefits across the entire operational lifecycle. Instead of struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of IT operations, you now leverage machines to stay ahead of the curve. AIOps streamlines and strengthens IT operations, in the same way, that continuous integration and deployment powers DevOps.


  1. Introduction (2 mins)
  2. A Brief Introduction to AIOps (2 mins)
  3. Where Did AIOps Come From? (2 mins)
  4. Breaking Down Data Silos & Elements of AIOps (4 mins)
  5. Augmenting Human Intelligence (2 mins)
  6. Delivering Insights Across the Operational Lifecycle (4 mins)
  7. Conclusion + Q & A (4 mins)

Speaker bio

Jayesh Bapu Ahire is an organizer of the Pune Elasticsearch User Group and co-organizer of Pune Developers Community. Jayesh is an AI Researcher doing research on NTM’s and Distributed Neural Computers with renowned universities. He is a cloud consultant and will be launching his startup in the FinTech domain by this year-end. Jayesh has authored books on Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, and Simulation Hypothesis. He writes a technical blog and his articles are published in many renowned publications. He has been awarded a title of Twilio Champion by Twilio and Most Valuable Blogger by Dzone.



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