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On SRE, systems engineering and distributed systems

Taming Infrastructure Workflow at Scale

Submitted by Anubhav Mishra (@anubhavmishra) on Monday, 26 August 2019

Section: Full talk (40 mins) Category: Automation Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Today’s cloud infrastructure is really complex. What if you could truly make this infrastructure a black box? What if you could mutate this infrastructure safely and easily? See how to efficiently use Infrastructure as Code across hundreds of developers and applications.


As more operations choices are added to your data center, whether through company acquisitions, a growing development team, or general technical debt, managing infrastructure complexity becomes a nightmare. Yet the end goal is still the same — safely deploy your application to your infrastructure. We need to tame our data centers by managing change across systems, enforcing policies, and by establishing a workflow for both developers and operations engineers to build in a collaborative environment.

This talk will discuss the problems faced in managing a modern cloud infrastructure, and how a set of innovative open source tools like Terraform can be used to tame the rising complexity curve.

Join me as I take you on a journey of exploring Infrastruture as Code techniques as we take control of our cloud infrastructure. This goal of this demo driven talk is to showcase how you can build multi-tier application infrastructure supporting multiple cloud platforms and services using IAC.

Speaker bio

Anubhav Mishra is a Technical Advisor to the CTO at HashiCorp. He is passionate about Developer Advocacy and helping developers and operators do better. Previously, he worked at Hootsuite, where he created Atlantis - An Open Source project that helps teams collaborate on Infrastructure using Terraform. Anubhav loves working with distributed systems and exploring new technologies. He also loves open source software and is continuously finding ways to contribute to projects that excite him and helping developers and operators do better. That has led him to contribute to projects like Virtual Kubelet and Helm (CNCF projects). In his free time, he DJs, makes music and plays football. He’s a huge Manchester United supporter.




  • Anwesha Sarkar (@anweshaalt) 8 months ago

    He has delivered the same talk at NDC Oslo: conference a year back, can you people have look at the linI am also pasting the same link in the proposal page. Anubhav will be coming to India in the month of October, I will be fixing the rehearsal after that. Meanwhile you people please have a look and give your feedback. So Anubhav can make the changes accordingly.

  • Gaurav Chaturvedi (@tazz) 8 months ago

    The following feedback only applies to the presentation part of the talk:

    1. The structure and flow of the content
      The content is good, delivery is good, no problems here.

    2. Clarity of insights
      There is a takeaway for people who have never seen terraform in action hopefuly the demo will develop on this even further.

    3. Audience expectations
      As long as the expectation for the audience is set correctly there is no problem here. This talk is geared more towards the beginners. People who don’t know of hashicorp ecosystem yet.

    • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 6 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback, Gaurav. Hope you had a chance to watch the livestream from the conference on 16 November.

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