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Challenges faced in the Microservices journey

Submitted by Mamta Jha (@mjha) on Thursday, 8 August 2019

Section: Crisp talk (20 mins) Category: Distributed systems Status: Awaiting details


Everyone these days discusses “Monolithic to Microservices”, and we have enough information available on the benefits of having microservices designs. But creating a microservices-based architecture and implementing has lots of challenges associated with it.
Microservices is fascinating to hear, but it needs realtime architectural experience to implement a distributed system.
I want to discuss the challenges one faces during this journey, and how do we overcome these challenges. I will help the audience to get a feel of the potholes they may face when they start the journey of microservices. I will like to emphasize on the ways they can handle these and just get benefited from microservices-based architecture.


Overview of Microservices
Chanllenges faced in designing Microservices based architecture
Points to keep in mind during designing Microservices



Speaker bio

I am Mamta Jha. With 15 years of industry experience and in that 6 years in is Cloud and DevOps. I am presently working with DigitalOcean as a Senior Developer Advocate. I have delivered more than 50 Kubernetes workshops with various MNC in my previous role as a Trainer. In my past job I have been a Corporate trainer delivering AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker and various other DevOps technologies trainings, workshops and have been a Red Hat Certified Instructor too.

I have strong technical hands on background in architecting and designing cloud, DevOps and Automation based solutions. My core competency is in architecting solutions around Kubernetes, DevOps, Data Science and ML services.

• Experienced in migrating, deploying and managing cluster of containers using various Orchestration tools.
• Designed/Migrate large & complex applications for various clients.
• Passionate about Automating Configuration Management with Ansible/Chef and setting up Kubernetes cluster either on on-Prem or cloud
• Experienced in architecting and implementing DevOps E2E solutions, implementing the complete CI/CD pipeline for clients and also implement DevOps in Cloud using various tools.

Certification: RHCE RHEL 7, RHCE OpenStack, OpenShift, Ansible, Chef, Docker and Google Cloud.




  •   Anwesha Sarkar (@anweshaalt) Reviewer 7 months ago

    Hello Mamta,

    Thank you for your submission. Here are the feedback for your proposal:

    1. Include the take away points for the audience.
    2. The proposal to the talk does not clearly indicate the war stories or points to the war stories you will be discussing during the talk.
    3. Add the missing examples in the Abstract and Outline for us to be convinced about the conclusions you are drawing.
    4. As you are in your introduction rightly said that everyone is discussing about “Monolithic to Microservices” these days, specify the new aspects precisely that you are trying to bring to the table?

    Submit your revised proposal with slides and preview video within 7 days so that we can complete the evaluation of your proposal. If there is no response in 7 days, we will move the proposal to reject owing to lack of response from proposer.


  •   Mamta Jha (@mjha) Proposer 7 months ago

    Hi Anwesha,

    I am down with fever from more than a week now. It will be beneficial if you can extend the time for me till September 3 or 4.
    I will prepare video, slides and will also respond to all the queries by then.

    I will be grateful if my request is accepted.


  •   Mamta Jha (@mjha) Proposer 7 months ago

    Let me know anything else is needed from my end.

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