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On scaling infrastructure and operations


Are we concentrating on Debts?

Submitted by kalyan on Monday, 5 February 2018

Section: Off The Record (OTR) session Technical level: Beginner

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This talk concentrates on debts that arise in SRE or Devops practice. This talk doesn’t have a silver bullet solution. The community is running towards new tools in the market and new philosophies. This talk stresses the fact that we should also sit back and recognize debts in the infra as a whole team. Making the infra with less debts can reduce alert fatigue, can set a team culture to set up debt free infrastructure and can prevent surprise wake up calls


Speaker bio

I am Kalyan working as Lead Devops Engineer at
Previous talk at cloud server mini conf


  • Ramanan Balakrishnan (@ramananbalakrishnan) a year ago

    Error budgets proved to be a great way of quantifying the tradeoffs between dev and ops. Do you think something similar is possible for debt?

    Ideas on measuring (or even remembering about) programming debt would be valuable.

    Yes, these are hard problems, but if you have existing recommendations or opinionated best-practices, it would still be good to add them to your talk.

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