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Adarsh Mehrotra


Scaling DevOps – Challenges in Transformation in large, complex enterprises & how to overcome them

Submitted Feb 24, 2017

Topic of Presentation: Scaling DevOps – Challenges in Transformation in large, complex enterprises & how to overcome them
Abstract of the Talk: While DevOps implementations would have happened in bits & pieces across most client landscapes, scaling it when we have 10-15,000 people working, IT spend anywhere between 800 million- 1 Billion $ and spread across 20-30 locations can be daunting. Also, DevOps dimensions have changed largely in last two years where the expectation is to tackle the entire value chain across Plan, Build & Run rather than focus only on CI & CD. The topic would cover the four prime pillars of DevOps with examples – People, Process, Culture & Tools on how to deliver a more effective and efficient build, run and change services to Business.

Key take away: Areas to keep in mind when embarking on DevOps transformation journey in enterprises

Intended audience: Front-line managers & DevOps architects from various IT service organizations



  • Speed-2-Value - Our binding theme that drives all our Agile/DevOps initiatives
  • Client context, challenges and the outcomes client expected from DevOps
  • Prime DevOps levers/intervention areas that were used
  • How the entire journey was undertaken
  • Elaboration of key horizontal initiatives
    • API Economy
    • Data-as-a-Service
    • Cloud Foundry
    • DevOps Change Mgmt
    • governance, risk and Compliance part of DevOps Pipeline
  • Benefits rolled back to the organization so far

Speaker bio

Adarsh Mehrotra, Principal Consultant @ Infosys

Adarsh is an PGDIT from IIIT-Bangalore, BE computer Science with an overall IT experience of 12+ years. He is a DevOps Lead & has been transforming the IT in complex, large enterprises since last four years. He has risen from the ranks of .NET developer followed by Solutions Architect to ALM consultant and then graduated to undertake DevOps transformations. He plays the dual role of wearing the client hat in defining & driving the DevOps upliftment across People, Process, Culture & tooling areas and simultaneously vendor hat implementing DevOps across own landscape.


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