Rootconf 2017

On service reliability

Abhinay Dronavalli


Deploying, Orchestrating maintaining container services seamlessly using Docker, Consul & Nomad

Submitted Feb 23, 2017

This talk includes, what is consul, nomad, docker, how we have internally solved the traditional problem of container orchestration using the above tools in combination of ELK, Tick stack & Jenkins to maintain and monitor 20+ the microservices to reduce the cost.


  1. Brief intro on what docker, consul, nomad, tick stack.
  2. Info on architecture and orchestration.
  3. Info on monitoring and deployment best practices.
  4. Comparision with other competetion tools
  5. Conclustion

Speaker bio

I am a devops guy with 4+ years of experience, early adoption experience in deploying micro services using docker & automating the end to end deployment flow.


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