Rootconf 2017

On service reliability

Ankit Solanki

Netflix's Spinnaker: Centralising our service deployment pipeline

Submitted Feb 14, 2017

As you grow as a startup, your infrastructure complexity increases and it becomes hard to reason about.

ClearTax tried a few different options to bring everything to a common platform. We finally decided upon using Netflix’s Spinnaker.

This talk compares Spinnaker to other options we looked at, describes how and why we chose spinnaker, how we are using it; and the leverage it provides.


  • Problem statement: Multiple teams, multiple services, need for common infra layers
  • What we looked for in a solution, the options we investigated
  • Why we chose Spinnaker
  • The story of our migration to Spinnaker
  • Wins and Losses

Speaker bio

Prashant Gupta: Lead devops engineer at ClearTax. 9 years experience, leading devops teams in banking and e-commerce sectors.



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