Rootconf 2017

On service reliability

Prasad Rao


Migrating legacy application to microservices on containers

Submitted Apr 7, 2017

Large-size application deployment has seen a transition, for the better, from being boxed in rigid steel appliances to scalable clouds. Even then, if the application is not re-architected to make use of the efficiency a cloud-deployment brings in, it continues to be shackled artificially.

Amongst many, a container-cloud brings in 2 main efficiencies - deployment of micro-services and service-discovery. Migrating an application to leverage these cloud efficiencies will unshackle the application deployment further and let it scale up and down on demand.

This talk explains the migration in the context of two prominent applications - application load-balancer and web-application.


Application Evolution – Legacy to Microservices
Application Delivery Controller - Evolution
Example –
Microservices, Service Discovery
Load Balancing, Elastic Load Balancing
Key Takeaways - to scale an application

Speaker bio

Prasad Rao works at Avi Networks, Bangalore which develops a software-defined load-balancer that eases application deployment and operations by moving them from appliances to clouds (public and private) and scale them on demand. Prior to Avi Networks, Prasad contributed to network virtualization on Cisco’s UCS Servers and switching and routing on Cisco’s Catalyst and Nexus switches.



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