Rootconf 2017

On service reliability

Vishal Biyani


Configuration Management: Patterns, practices & solutions

Submitted Mar 31, 2017

The configuration management space has evolved a lot but this can be intimidating for a newbie as well as someone not from infrastructure background. While the vocabulary has developed specific to technologies, there are commonalities and patterns which you can see across all technologies in the space. This talk will talk about the common vocabulary, patterns & practices and solutions in a tool/technology agnostic way (Although I will mention from time to time one of Chef/Puppet/Ansible/Salt to make it easy to understand). We will specifically focus on things like roles, infra data vs. config data, CD & testing patterns and practices, designs for multi data centre architectures and lastly managing sensitive data and dealing with events and integrations.


All measurements in minutes
00 - 05 : Introduction & growth of CM systems
05 - 09 : Roles
09 - 15 : Infra Data & Config Data
15 - 22 : CD & Testing for infra code
22 - 26 : Execution patterns, Multi DC
26 - 32 : Secrets, events , event driven automation etc.
32 - 35 : Conclusion, thoughts etc.



Speaker bio

Vishal brings his experience as an engineer who has worked across the whole lifecycle of software development together to bring holistic view of systems and obsessive focus on reducing waste while delivering value. Vishal has worked with Fortune 500 enterprises as well as medium scale startups to bring best of technology & business together. In his current role Vishal is heading technology at InfraCloud - a programmable infrastructure company.



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