Rootconf 2016

Rootconf is India's principal conference where systems and operations engineers share real world knowledge about building resilient and scalable systems.

nithish B


Uninterrupted service delivery at peak loads without any downtime

Submitted Dec 27, 2015

This session will provide some insights into how to stress test your cloud infra and/or application and plan on autoscaling which helps in dealing with high traffic. This session is most helpful for e-commerce sites, and other providers who have to deal with high traffic.


When setting up a cloud infra, the key focus point should be uninterrupted service delivery. In this session, I will be sharing some of my viewpoints and methods which I think will help you and/or your organization to provide better service to your customers. This will include some best practices, few stress testing insights, quick and easy ways of autoscaling.
Topics covered will be: evaluation of various applications, example nginx vs apache for web server, HAProxy vs nginx for Load Balancer, etc. Also, some tweaks and ways to configure them for better perfomance, security, high availibility.

Speaker bio

I am a cloud-ops engineer at Smartron India Pvt Ltd.
I have been working with cloud technologies, specifically, OpenStack and have been most active in their forums. My interest and expertice now include how to setup/or orchestrate a cloud infra which is scalable, and performance oriented in terms of peak time service delivery.




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