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peter de schrijver


A software view at power management

Submitted Dec 21, 2015

Learn the commonly used software techniques for controlling power consumption in computers.


The talk will explain the software techniques commonly used in OSes to control power consumption. Background on why these techniques work will be provided as well as the configuration knobs to control them.


computer architecture basics.
basic knowledge about operating system internals (what’s the scheduler, what’s an interrupt)

Speaker bio

Peter is an old time linux user and kernel hacker. He has developed a wide variety of drivers for the linux kernel (network, USB, i2c, spi, clocks, audio). He served as the CTO of Belgian consulting company focussing on FOSS for embedded systems. In 2007 he started to work on power management for the Nokia maemo project (N900, N9). In 2011 he joined NVIDIA to work on power management for the Tegra SoCs.



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