Rootconf 2016

Rootconf is India's principal conference where systems and operations engineers share real world knowledge about building resilient and scalable systems.

Rajvel MP


Orchestration in IaaS & things around it

Submitted Jan 19, 2016

We all are consumers of services in some form or other, Consider cloud computing, it is easy to use; less hassle; zero maintenance. But what happening on the other side, how are they managing to keep the lights on. How are the cogs arranged and who controls its movements !!

are you curious, listen up :)


We’ll take a real world example; a use case and let’s see how to go about it.

This talk will cover the following

  1. A quick intro of IaaS and the components involved
  2. How to build a orchestration engine that is scalable, maintenable and extendendable
  3. what are the failure scenarios and how can we handle them
  4. How can we build a system that will be agnostic and adaptable to new challenges
  5. Performance measure using metrics

Speaker bio

I have architechted and implemented Orchestration, I have learnt my lessons the hard way.


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