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Buckle up for any disaster with your database

Submitted Feb 1, 2016

The objective is to share the experience of disaster recovery in different situations for the database servers. I would be taking PostgreSQL as the main example, but most of them, except PostgreSQL specific tools or commands, apply for all databases.


‘Data’ is the most valuable component for any organization. As the owner for managing the database servers, we have to plan and be ready for any kind of disaster recovery, whether it’s a recovery of a single row from a table or complete cluster data.
My talk’s outstructure will look like as follow:

  • Different disaster scenarios

    • It will include different scenarios in which any kind of disaster from a small scale to a large scale can happen.

    • It will include some real examples of prodcution environment.

  • Different mechanism for being ready for disaster recovery

    • It will include what are different mechanism and pre planning for disaster recovery.

    • It includes all corner cases planning like a disaster situation due to manual mistake, any application bug or any big less probable scenario.

    • Different tools/mechanism that can be used.

  • The Do’s and Dont’s at the time of disaster situation

    • Some basic sanity that one need to follow and not to follow. It will be both technical and non technical situations.


You should understand some basics of RDBMS.

Speaker bio

I am currently working at InMobi as ‘Tech Lead -Production and Infrastructure Engineering’. I have been with the database engineering team for more than 6 years. Database applications and operations solution has been my primary area, which includes RDBMS, Data ware house, NoSQL. Other than databases; scripting, automations, deployments, tech talks have been my work area.
In my free time, I love reading (non technical stuffs) and spending time with my family:-) .



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