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Anil G


Automated and objective prescreening for devops/sys-admin positions

Submitted Jan 18, 2016

The sudorank framework defines a simple method of evaluating a prospective candidate’s knowlegde and hands on experience. This is a large improvement on the current ad-hoc methodology, which is a mix of Q&A and pairing.


The SudoRank framework ( brings up live instances in the cloud, and provides partial or complete access to a prospective candidates, with clear challenge instructions.

The candidate has a predefined time to complete these tasks, post which the access is revoked. The attempt is then scored based on predefined criteria, and complete session details (recording, command history, logs) are saved for later perusal.

This makes candidate pre-screening automated and objectively.



Speaker bio

I’m an open source enthusiast, and have worked from the very backend(a commit in the opensolaris kernel) to the very front (co-wrote a multi-platform desktop app).

I work at Hackerrank, where I created Sudorank as an automated way of objectively scoring devops/sysad talent.

I’m also a part-time photographer and filmmaker (got a tiny IMDB profile :)


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