Rootconf 2015

DevOps and scaling infrastructure

saurabh hirani


Inframer - know thy infra

Submitted Mar 20, 2015

Every DevOps team manages infrastructure distributed across different databases - chef, icinga, vmware, etc. The information in each database is queryable through their APIs but there isn’t one roof under which you can look at all the information about a node. Neither can you do a diff of different databases and answer questions like - How many cheffed nodes are not being monitored through icinga? We will be talking about these problems and their first step solution - Inframer - an open source python based tool we are building at BlueJeans Network.


We will discuss:

  • The problems of having a distributed infrastructure
  • “If only I had a tool which” scenarios (More details in slides)
  • Solution architecture
  • Demo - dashboard, REST API and command line tool

Speaker bio

Currently working as a Senior DevOps engineer at BlueJeans. I enjoy automating infrastructure and contributing to the open source community.



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