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Manivannan Selvaraj


How to Train your Jenkins?…to Use Your Resources Effectively and Get More Value for Each Buck Spent on Resource

Submitted Apr 13, 2015

We would like to share the story on how we built our cloud based Continous Integaration solution and how it helped us to save resources while preserving the user experience. We have already presented this at Jenkins User Conference held at San franciso on 23rd October 2014.


At eBay we developed a federated model for CI where each developer gets their own Jenkins instance running on a dedicated VM. Only 20% were actually used and even those VMs were utilized less than 25 minutes per day. To solve this we built a highly-available, self-healing cloud infrastructure with Apache Mesos, Marathon and Jenkins. We got more value for each buck spent on resources.

Speaker bio

Manivannan Selvaraj and Sathiya Narayanan are Engineers at Developer Experience team at eBay. They build cloud based Continous Integration solution for eBay and PayPal.
Manivannan Selvaraj is a committer on Jenkins Mesos plugin and contributed to many other Jenkins plugins. you can follow him on github @
Sathiya Narayanan has contributed to Jenkins Mesos plugin and Jenkins Github pull request builder plugin. You can follow hin on github @



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