Rootconf 2015

DevOps and scaling infrastructure

Abhishek Singh


How do you deploy your code in production while sleeping?

Submitted Apr 14, 2015

This talk will provide information about how we implemented CI & controlled CD infrastructure using Jenkins, Chef and other open source tools to manage releases on thousands of servers in the AWS cloud infrastructure.


CI and CD is very important to deliver new features in production and in this talk I will be talking how we have implemented CI and CD at Snapdeal and what all challenges we faced during this journey. We are one of the largest customers of Amazon AWS and I will be also talking about how we manage, scale, monitor massive infrastructure in AWS (thousands of server) using Chef, CheckMk, Logstash and InfluxDB. Here are some of the areas that I’ll discuss:

  • I will also cover how we scale infrastructure during our peak load or promotions using AWS auto-scale with our monitoring plugin.
  • Snapdeal growth is phenomenal and when business scale, number of features requirement increases then it translates into parallel environments setup, I will also talk about how we use chef to create application environments on demand.
  • We have seen great improvement in our infrastructure after implementing CI and CD, earlier we use to take hours to deploy releases in production now it is minute job with 100% consistency across environment now we do not see any last minute surprises during deployment.
  • Limited feature rollout: Using CI and CD we are able to roll out features to limited customers, to evaluate the impact. We can easily rollback changes or rollout the successful ones to a larger base instantaneously.


You should have basic understanding of build and release process with configuration management.

Speaker bio

Abhishek Kumar Singh is Sr. Engineering Manager DevOps at Snapdeal. I have more than 11 years of experience in E-commerce and ad-networks start-ups as a TechOps architect and leader.
I am very passionate to create software defined infrastructure and excellent operations team.


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