Rootconf 2015

DevOps and scaling infrastructure

Ravi Kumar


Designing the Devops Culture - Marching towards the promised land

Submitted Apr 10, 2015

The audience will lear the key aspects of designing the devops culture.
1)Setting right expectations.
2)Embrace flow & lean techniques as an enabler for Devops teams.
3)Organising code base
4)No frills devops using new architecture paradigm.
5)Devops in the Enterprise - Managing


Devops and Continuous Delivery have emerged on the heels of the success of agile movements. The former two seems to have appealed much more to the enterprises and business than the later.
“… Agile processes harness change for the customer’s competitive advantage.”
The above is the first principle on page 2 of the agile manifesto. Any new process, method, architecture models that emerge are merely tools to transform lives and deliver customer value. To that end any or all investments is positive and warranted as well. But the enterprise quest to reach the promised land has to be rationalised and investments made into the right areas at the right time. Devops is more about culture than the myriad set of tools and processes which seems to be the areas that are hogging all the investments.

This talk will look into the key aspects of Designing the Devops Culture that empowers the team towards continuous value delivery thereby harnessing the customer’s competitively advantage. We touch upon
1.Embracing Flow where we specifically talk about letting go of the old good intentioned practices and replace with more lean and pragmatic flow techniques.
2.Few tips on managing source code that are effective in the context of Devops.
3.A new emerging architecture model that has potential in negating the necessity of the tools echo system
4.And lastly we look how applications in the enterprise landscape can be layered and set the right expectations on delivering value and leveraging devops.

Session Outline:

Setting Right Expectations [ 5 min ]
•We need to be here but have me made the right investments?

Embracing Flow - Letting go of the old [ 8 min ]
•Good intentioned Scrum practices killing agility
•Pragmatic lean alternatives that compliment well for Devops.

Delivering Code [ 8 min ]
•No Feature Branches but feature toggle and switches
•Continuous Deployment …. go for it [unearth the steps that are troublesome and resolve them]
•Continuous Testing and Automation
⁃[Few failure scenarios….the obvious ones…make them part of the pipeline]
⁃[This does not mean you don’t need CI, unit test automation, Code Coverage etc.]
•The team [Business, Dev, Tester…. Release Expert ]

Microservices: The New Kid on the Block [ 8 min ]
•Treat all changes, issues and enhancements equivalent to a traditional CR. Negate the long change process.
•Deliver value and stay agile but negate many of the popular agile practices such as TDD, Refactoring, Planning, Retrospectives etc.
•Publish the service for consumption. Do we need tools?

What about the enterprise? [ 6 min ]
•Layered Application Approach
•Set the right expectations

Q & A [ 5 min ]



Speaker bio

Hands-on agile practitioner with application development and delivery experience helping customers and organizations implement agile/lean processes and practices for achieving delivery excellence. Agile to me is a philosophy more than a software methodology or framework. I am a Independent Coach/Consultant at AgileFAQs and I help teams in implementing and maturing agile/lean practices for large engagements/projects. I am an invited speaker and often speak at variuos conferences and user community meetups. As a core member of the Agile Software Community of India I help in organising conferences and coch camps and have been the Theme Chair of Distributed Agile and Offshoring stage(Agile India 2014) and Agile Lifecycle stage (Agile India 2015) conferences. I am also the core member of the Agile Leadership Network - Bengaluru Chapter.



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