Rootconf 2015

DevOps and scaling infrastructure

Vishal Uderani


Automating AWS infrastructure and code deployments using Ansible at WebEngage

Submitted Apr 10, 2015

The objective of this talk will be to highlight how system and code deployments are done at WebEngage using Ansible


In this talk , we’ll cover how and why Ansible was leveraged to automate routine management of EC2 instances/EBS/EIP/ELB etc and why the Ansible approach towards automation is key for code and system deployments across 100’s of nodes and how we achieved this at Webengage. We will provide an overview of the deployment process and give a demonstration as an example


Previous experience with configuration management systems
Previous experience with AWS and Ansible

Speaker bio

Vishal Uderani is currently working as Sr.DevOps Engineer at WebEngage. He plays around with AWS,ansible,puppet,nagios,python for fun and otherwise . He has over half a decade experience in automation, configuration management, system administration across multiple organisations



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