Rootconf 2015

DevOps and scaling infrastructure

Utkarsh Pandey


Automating Windows Infra on AWS using Puppet & Chocolatey: Troubles, Tricks and Triumphs

Submitted Mar 7, 2015

Objective for this presentation is to make DevOps in windows much more creative and fun task than it used to be. We will do so by automating most the pieces involved right from infrastructure to configuration till deployment.
Doing things right the first time is going to be easier than having to go back and fix it, that’s where automation at each layer will be the next big thing. Automation involves code and codes are always better they can get tested.
I would like to leave the audience with set of tools that will not only frees them from much of the menial work but also encourages them to be creative, moreover helping them to do their work better and enhance their productivity.


DevOps for Linux environment is usual, you will find very less production cases using DevOps for windows on AWS. One of my customers came up with this requirement for fully automated windows stack involving umbrella of technologies. His requirement pushed the windows at extreme of its automation. In nutshell he wanted us to build infrastructure at scale, configuration management and continuous integration pipeline for application deployment.
In this session we will discuss a real customer case with complex tech stack involving windows based environment, AWS Cloud Formation, Puppet, Hiera, Chocolatey, Continuous integration tools(GIT, Jenkins/Team-City, Octopus Deploy).We will share our experiences, challenges, how we overcame them and best practices to make it easy for the attendees to learn from them.
In this talk I will cover the concept of infrastructure as code with AWS cloud formation, How to design effective framework for windows configuration management using Puppet and Chocolatey, Examples with best practices involved and go over how easy they are to use. This session is targeted for puppeteers, Continuous Integration and DevOps engineers. Yet there would be lot of takeaways for normal windows administrators too.
By making use of these strategies, 8K miles have been able to provide many sophisticated solutions for which we have received customer appreciation for numerous engagements.

If time permitted I would love to go deep into complementary technologies such as AWS application migration strategies, Continuous integration on windows, and how you can write test driven puppet modules in conjunction with puppet design patterns.


An active and creative audience

Speaker bio

Utkarsh is an AWS Certified solution architect and DevOps extremist. He comes from Microsoft development background with sound understanding of Azure cloud as well.8K Miles has given him the launch pad to take the skills he’s learned on the way and apply them at various client engagements, especially in the realms of DevOps, Automation, Continuous Integration and configuration management.
His Role at 8K Miles is to Design infrastructure architecture with best cloud design practices such as Design for Failover, Scalability, High Availability and Security.


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