Rootconf 2014

On devops and cloud infrastructure

Akshay Mankar


Cowboy Coder's Guide to Infrastructure Nightmares

Submitted Jan 30, 2014

Given that more developers are moving into “devops” and enjoying their ooh-aah moments, this talk aims to shatter their dreams and bring them back to reality, so there are less cowboys handling servers and the infrastructure world doesn’t look like the “Wild West”


Since past 1 year I’ve been “devopsing”. Starting with basic knowledge of linux and some experience in developing websites, I started this super awesome joy ride. And as not expected by the super over-confident(yet innocent(yet cowboyish)) me, I faced a lot of problems, I fell into a lot of pitfalls, brought down servers, deployed wrong artifacts to production, and what not?
This talk will cover a few common and not-so-common mistakes(with remedies!) that newbie and advanced infrastrucure automators usually make.
We’ve been using chef to provision our servers, so this talk will mostly have examples from chef.

I’ll cover things like:

  • Some pitfalls in writing cookbooks, with code snippets
  • “Good Practices” to replace some very common but not-so-good practices in cookbook writing
  • Cookbook versioning and promotion
  • Leveraging community cookbooks
  • Isolation testing of cookbooks
  • A few Useful tools
  • Some Tips and Tricks

Speaker bio

Developer at ThoughtWorks


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