Rootconf 2014

On devops and cloud infrastructure

Jemshad O K


Graphite with wings

Submitted Jan 29, 2014

Explains how to scale graphite/carbon from it’s default few thousand updates/min. to handle around 500K updates/min.


Graphite/Carbon as a metrics collection and graphing solution

Collecting metrics and being able to represent them graphically in an efficient, scalable way is a key part in making your application clusters more robust in terms of both scale and performance. Graphite with it’s carbon backend is an excellent tool for such a purpose given the rich set of mathematical transformations that it supports on the underlying data. Though graphite as a frontend worked well, the carbon backend had it’s own limitations when coming to the data storing and retrieval part.

Topics covered

The session would cover little bit on graphite compared to other metrics collection and graphing solutions out there and then we move on to the specifics of using graphite at scale. We would go through various issues we faced, especially with it’s datastore, and how we solved them at InMobi.


  • Basic Understanding of Graphite
  • Some idea about Round Robin Databases and Time Series Databases

Speaker bio

  • Tech Lead, InMobi


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