Rootconf 2012

Let there be sysadmins

Vivek Juneja


Riscy Ciscy : How did I bootstrap Infrastructure Cloud in 40 days

Submitted Apr 27, 2012

  1. Ingredients of an Infrastructure as a Service - for DevOps, SysAdmins and everybody who matters

  2. Learn from the experience of building an infrastructure cloud system that spans over wide variety of hardware configurations

  3. Why building a Cloud infrastructure is a highly iterative process

  4. What did I learn from developing, managing and operating a system like that

  5. Find out the gotchas, surprises and technologies involved.


Enterprises usually own wide variety of infrastructure - x86, SPARC, HP-Itanium, IBM pSeries etc. What happens when you asked to prove that an Infrastructure Cloud can be built that spans across varied environments. Add to that - Deliver the solution in 40 days.
This is a story of Engineer who makes through it and lived to tell the tale.
The story involves understanding the nuances of how varied infrastructure works. Learn about KickStart, Libvirt, Eucalyptus, LDOM, Xensh, and a bunch of crazy technologies that makes the system tick.
How did the life of an average SysAdmin change after that ? Find out this and more.


Attendees need to have a basic understanding of virtualization, and an open mind to learn, share, create. and have fun !

Speaker bio

I work as a DevOps/Engineer/Infra-Hacker at Torry Harris Business Solutions. I love programming, fiddling with Hardware and Software and build automation tools. I lead a bunch of awesome engineers at my firm, and been evangelizing Cloud Computing since 2008.
In my free time, I enjoy travelling, photography, and helping AWS Community in Bangalore (


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