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Develop, Test, Deploy, Distribute

Submitted May 4, 2012

The session demonstrates the process of developing, testing and deploying a “Virtual Lab”. (

Virtual Labs is an initiative of M.H.R.D. under National Mission on Education through ICT. I would like to take suggestions from other devops gurus for scaling virtual-labs.


Virtual Labs( is the project running accross IIIT-H, IITs and a few other deemed universities. There are around 300 virtual labs being developed by various developers from those institutions. There is a central team at IIIT-Hyderabad providing a backend infrastructure with a couple of virtualized instances and web based applications for the developers to make their development easier. In a nutshell the portal provides:


  • Version Control
  • Bug tracker
  • Package Management
  • Test Servers
  • Deploy Server

The process demonstrates an entire life cycle of a virtual lab from its inception till it is packaged and distributed.

At the end I would like to have some suggestions from the team to scale up the process and the best way of implementing the exisitng setups.

Speaker bio

Engineer, IIIT-H,
Another small time Debian contributor :-)

Engineer, IIITH,
Redmine Plugins maintainer :-)



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