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Vipul A M

Vipul A M


With Types and Hooks

Submitted Feb 10, 2020

With large legacy code bases, introducing new frameworks can be overwhelming.
There are many considerations like parts of the application to start the changes with,
making sure they co-exist, no affect client site speed of the application and getting the team up to speed.

Lets take a look at how at Gumroad, JS is being rewritting from FlightJS to React Hooks with Typescript.


The Talk will try to outline these things:

  • What is FlightJS: Event driven JS framework
  • Brief intro to React hooks
  • Effects in React hooks
  • Brief intro to TypeScript

We will then get into the story of the migration:

  • How was it decided what parts of Application to start changing
  • Living side by side with Flight
  • Introducing typescript with React
  • Side effects on these introductions: clean up of states, type safety, re-organization of components, passing around less information and better UI patterns.


Speaker bio

Vipul is founder at Saeloun. He runs React Pune Meetup, and helps with Ruby Meetup, DeccanRubyconf and more.

In the past he has authored ReactJS by Example, way back when React was on version 0.14.

He is part of Ruby on Rails Framework Team, and helps triaging issues. His spare time is spent exploring and contributing to many open source ruby projects, when not dabbling with React JS.



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