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ReactFoo-VueDay Pune edition

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Lusan Das


Redux overdose! A gripping tale on complexities

Submitted Jan 17, 2020

I believe most of us are suffering from redux overdose. My talk will discuss about the complexities of redux addiction through my own experiences in projects and the problem it brings in. Hence I will provide the remedy to cure it once and for all by introducing a new frictionless state management.


My talk will begin with a simple introduction to state management. Then I will discuss with the help of my own experience on below why redux is becoming an epidemic

  • Complex folder structure
  • Where should data reside
  • Complex actions and the abstractions
  • Forced Immutability

After highlighting the points briefly I will get to the solution by introducing a new state management library which solves the problems through

  • Abstractions without any external library
  • Imperative vs functional style
  • Ease of usage with typescript
  • Writing test case

Then I will end the talk by giving the message, that it’s not about hating redux, but it’s about making a simple choice which can lead to a simple maintainable application without any friction.

My slide link: (Slides internally used in Flipkart, will modify it accordingly)

Speaker bio

I feel I am the best person to speak on this subject because I have used redux extensively in production for over 2 years and I have genuinely experienced the problems that comes with it at scale. As a contributor to codesandbox where I used the new state management library to refactor important pages at scale, I feel I can explain with examples which are purely out of experience.



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