ReactFoo 2019

ReactFoo 2019

A gathering of over 250 web and mobile developers working with React

Karthik Venkateswaran


Take your react-fu to fullstack-fu

Submitted Jan 6, 2018

Why go fullstack? To elevate your craft to the next level. This talk will take you over basic concepts and tools that you need to know so that you can own the full stack. You’ll be able to build and integrate backend APIs with your react apps. Incidentally, StackOverflow declared the fullstack developer as the most desired job profile. Going fullstack with react and nodejs should be the next logical step in your react journey! In this session I will touch upon concepts (server-side javascript), patterns (API integration with react apps), frameworks (express) and tools (docker/k8s) that you can use to build and deploy fullstack react+nodejs apps.


  • Why fullstack and skills required to become a full stack developer?
    • Fullstack is NOT hard or magical
    • Full stack = Front-end + Back-end + DevOps
  • Writing your first custom APIs using nodejs and integrating with a react app
    • What is an API?
    • Writing your first API
      • Routing and requests/response handlers
    • Testing the API
    • 2 codebase patterns for APIs with react apps
    • Building and deploying APIs with docker/k8s using community starter kits
  • Connecting your react app with the custom API
    • Integrating APIs in react
      • Managing async+state in react’s component state
      • Managing async+state using redux
    • Writing and integrating websockets API in react
    • Approaches to managing session state in react
  • Deploying to production


A basic understanding of React and/or any other javascript framework.

Speaker bio

Application Engineer @ Hasura with 3 years working experience in javascript



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