ReactFoo 2019

ReactFoo 2019

A gathering of over 250 web and mobile developers working with React

Kartik Agarwal


React Suspense - Internal Working

Submitted Feb 16, 2019

We will go throught all in React Suspense.
1. Basic syntex of how and when to use suspense.
2. Will create a own react component for suspense and replace it via React.Suspense
3. Will demo data fetching synchronous using our own function and basic java script code and use in component.

How to use React Suspense.
How React and React Suspense works in inside react core

Intended Audience:
Who wants to learn react uses and its internals working.


We will first see a basic example how React Suspense help us in code spliting and reducing bundle size,
Then will give a demo of creating our owne Suspense Component and fetch data from server synchronous and using our owne cache and promises, this will help popele to understand how react Suspense works internally which will be heavely used once react will release concurrent mode.


No special requirements, just mic and projector and 30 mins time slot.

Speaker bio

I am having 3.5 Years for Frontend experience, Currently Senior Frontend developer at Leena Ai, previously worked with Practo, do bunch of react and js code.
Runs JS Learning Workshop @BracketsJs
Given couple of talks in react banglore and reacr ncr.



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