ReactFoo 2019

ReactFoo 2019

A gathering of over 250 web and mobile developers working with React

Nitesh Tiwari


React + D3

Submitted Jan 10, 2018

Why Integrate D3 + React.
How to integrate D3 + React.
Advantages/Disadvantages of integrating D3 with react.
Enhance D3+React app performance and developers experience.


React have become the default choice for the frontdevs in the recent past, It is highly performant and resuable. On the other hand D3 is god of a library when it comes to data visualization on the web.
Turns out there are tens and hundreds of article on the web about blending them together. Each show their own perspective. There are several way to integrate them, and it becomes confusing very fast.
Here, I will talk about different ways to integrate D3 with React, and their advantages/disadvantages.

Speaker bio

Hi, I am Nitesh, I work as a software developer at Flipkart. I previously worked with Cleartax on their GST app. I love React. My current role involves a lot of data visualization on the web, for which I used React with D3, I had some learning and wanted to share them.
Some people say I am funny and other people say I am an idiot. Upvote this proposal and decide for yourself.


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