ReactFoo 2019

ReactFoo 2019

A gathering of over 250 web and mobile developers working with React

Guillaume Diallo-Mulliez


My React (Native) app speaks GraphQL

Submitted Oct 9, 2018

At BAM, we started using GraphQL alongside Apollo Client on a large internal app for a French car manufacturer. Along the way, we laughed and we cried … we hit some rocks, we fell down, we stood back up, we faced many questions. Frontend architecture and responsibility distribution, cache updating, error handling…
After one year, we came up with best practices for these challenges, and we eventually enjoy the developer experience.
I would love to share this year of adventure with GraphQL and Apollo Client in production so that you can learn from our mistakes and build on our best practices to help you build up your own GraphQL speaking React app.


This talk will provide you with everything you need to call a GraphQL API from your React (Native) app from basics to advanced concepts such as :

  • What is GraphQL ?
  • How do I fetch and post data from my React (Native) app to a GraphQL API using Apollo ?
  • Authorization : How to make authentified requests ?
  • Caching : Understand apollo flexible caching policy to give your users the best online & offline experience
  • Loading : Easily ensure that your components display a loading state
  • Errors handling : Implement defensive components with a developer friendly error handling

Speaker bio

I am a french web and mobile fullstack developer and javascript enthousiast.
I work at BAM as an Architect/Developer where we develop awesome mobile apps using React Native. I joined the team back in 2015 when we started using RN. Since then we have grown into the largest team working with React Native in Paris with 65 Bamers.




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