ReactFoo 2019

ReactFoo 2019

A gathering of over 250 web and mobile developers working with React

Vinod Prajapati


Building Reusable React Component

Submitted Jan 27, 2018

This session will cover how to build reusable component and speed up the development


1. What is component and Props

2. Buidling Stateful/State less component

3. Understanding the difference between Stateful/Stateless component

4. Functional Component

5. Class Component


  1. A Laptop preferbally Macbook if you want to run the both iOS/Adroid
  2. Keep Android Studio & XCode installed in the laptop
  3. Install Node(
  4. Keep a Sample React Native running on your machine. Follow this link (
  5. Bring Android/iOS Device should you wish to see the work on Devices.

Speaker bio

Vinod is working with Grab(Ex Ola, Jabong) at their Bangalore development center with having more than 9 years of development experience mostly in Mobile development(iOS/Windows/Android)(most recently only on React Native). Vinod have started working on react native last year and he fell in love with React Native and today he feel proud to work on React Native which is going to be the futre of Mobile developments.

Currently, he is building the best app in the world for Grab which is going to be used by millions of people across South East Asia. This app is being built in React Native with almost zero code in native.Coming from mobile background(even having groomed one web front end engineer to become Mobile engineer on react native platform), he feel he will be able to give the fellow engineers the path they need to move to learn react native quickly.


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