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ReactFoo 2019

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Sidhartha Chatterjee


Building Apps with Gatsby

Submitted Feb 5, 2019

Gatsby has recently surged in popularity but a lot of us still think of it as a static site generator. But Gatsby is great for complex client side web apps too! This talk aims to demonstrate that. We’ll be building a small app live using Gatsby!


We’ll start with a quick intro to Gatsby for folks who haven’t used it. We’ll discuss its main benefits and features.

The rest of the talk will be a live coding session of a small web app written in Gatsby. As we build the app we’ll debunk some myths and demonstrate:

  • Gatsby is good for apps and not just static websites
  • Gatsby gives a lot of stuff for free that we strive to do in so many apps — the PRPL pattern, image optimization, bundle optimization and preloading
  • Not all data has to be static in a Gatsby app, it works fine with the regular patterns of getting data at runtime and combining that with static data can be super powerful
  • Most websites including big ecommerce sites can be built with Gatsby

By the end of the live coding session, we’ll run the app, test its performance and lighthouse score.

We’ll end the talk with quickly glancing over upcoming features to Gatsby and discuss what we’re working on.

Speaker bio

Sidhartha is a full stack developer based out of Mumbai. He’s worked with several companies in the past including Cleartrip and Insider and has helped them build React apps, PWAs and Node.js microservices.

He is currently working on Gatsby, helping with OSS maintenance, building new features and bug fixes.

In his free time, he likes scuba diving in the deep seas, playing his guitar and walking his dog, Love.


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