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Pros and cons of using React context API and hooks to manage state instead of Redux

Submitted Aug 8, 2019

The front-end universe is expanding exponentially and there are a bunch of options to choose from in every aspect of front-end development.

State management is the core part of front-end development.

This talk is for people who wants to compare various state management patterns and when to use what.


The talk will be broken down in the following:

  • Why state management is required?
  • Brief intro of redux.
  • Benefits of redux.
  • Problems with redux.
  • When to use the Context API instead of redux.
  • How to scale the Context API using hooks.


Target audience

The target audience are people who have built a few apps in ReactJS and know the importance of state management.

They should have a basic understanding of redux since I will be comparing it with Context API + hooks.

Basic knowledge of hooks and context API will be good to have.

Speaker bio

Hi there, I am Rahul. I work at Go-Jek as a Product Engineer.

I love coding and solving complex problems with easy solutions. I have 5+ years of industry experience in building Web/Mobile apps.

Open Source Contributions:

  • I have co-authored a book on React Native called React Made Native Easy. It is an open source book and can be found here:
  • I conducted a workshop for react-native in a famous community called JSFoo on 29th October. Its was a 5 hours hands-on workshop. We had 30+ attendees. Here is the link to the workshop: Slides:
  • I am an active open source contributor and regularly publish modules for react, react-native and AngularJS.
  • I like blogging and also publish my findings and side projects via my tech blog -

My github profile -

You can find more of my work here:



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