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ReactFoo Mumbai

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Souvik Basu


Pragmatic approach to Server Side Rendering

Submitted Mar 31, 2018

Create React App is unopinianated about SSR and does not support it out of the box. There are some plugins on CRA to enable SSR but those are not officially supported. Next.js is the most supported library in community to enable SSR but can we use it for production quality applications? What are the other possible ways to achieve SSR?


  • Why Server Side Rendering?
  • Why CRA does not support SSR?
  • Work around to enable SSR in CRA
  • Next.js
  • Manual tweaking of server.js to enable SSR
  • Comparative studies of different approaches to SSR

Speaker bio

Souvik is a JS enthusiasts with 15 years experience in the industry. His day job is to set up a team on React project in Tesco Bengaluru. He loves to code equally well in React as well as in Angular. Currently he is spending a lot of time exploring Conversational UI.


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