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ReactFoo Mumbai

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Mihir Khatwani


Building offline first applications in the react ecosystem

Submitted Mar 28, 2018

The talk addresses the what, why, how and huh? of building offline first applications in the react ecosystem.
What are offline first applications and why in certain use-cases having them is or can be beneficial.
How to go about building your offline first client app in the react/react-native ecosystem with approach appropriate to your use case. What are the tools/libraries available in your arsenal and their pros, cons and their applicability to different architecture choices.


  • What?
    • What are offline first applications
    • Examples
  • Why?
    • Use cases
  • How?
    • Identifying what data to store on the client and its validity
    • Storage medium to use on the client (web and phone)
    • Exploring various tools/features like Realm, GunDB, IndexedDB, Service Workers for the above purpose
    • Different possible approaches on how and when to pull and push data to the server.
    • Explore various tools/features/transport protocols like Custom, Service Workers, Realm, Relay, REST, gRPC etc which can be used for above
  • Huh?
    • Problems with Offline first apps
  • Brief description of architecture used by OpenCHS and Gunak

Speaker bio

I have worked on 2 offline first react-native open source products (OpenCHS and Gunak), 1 of them for the Health Ministry.
I also have been working in the React ecosystem for the past 3 years. Co-Founder at Samanvay Foundation.



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