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Dr. De Sign Systems - Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Remove the Chaos

Submitted by Tejas Bhatt (@tejas) on Mar 31, 2018

Section: Flash talks – 5 min presentations from audience Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed & scheduled


Systematic designs have been prevalent across other design mediums - but only now they have got the required attention in the digital product design world. The proposed talk will discuss the what, why, when & how of Design Systems in digital products - whether apps, or websites or brands.



Open mind and happy thoughts :)

Speaker bio

My name is Tejas, & I have been a UX/UI designer for over 7 years. Before that I worked as a Business Systems Analyst and lived merrily in the ignorance that what I was doing was also called Product Design and User Experience Design.

I have been dabbling with design systems for over 2 years now. But I only realized their potential once it started getting mentioned in design conversations recently. I have designed couple of products where the systems have been implemented and I want to share my learnings from those experiences.



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