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React & Redux Performance

Submitted by Swarup Karavadi (@swazza85) on Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Technical level: Intermediate


While improving front end performance includes a wide range of topics in itself, I will be talking about performance lessons learnt while building a react + redux web app. At the end of the session, you will have walked away with actionable items on how you can measure your app’s performance and improve it. Anyone who is comfortable with react + redux will feel right at home in this session.


Topics covered -
-> Optimizing Bundle Size -> Improve initial load time with SSR -> Data Fetching & Caching -> Dealing with large lists -> Make react do less work -> Make redux do less work -> Normalizing the redux store -> Optimistic store updates to improve perceived performance -> Using Chrome Dev Tools to profile your react app

Speaker bio

I am the technical cofounder of Gymnage. I’ve built multiple web apps for my startup - all using React. Our main offering ran into some serious perf issues on tablets. That was a humbling experience. I had to understand a few react and redux quirks and make a few hacks to get some perf wins. I believe this experience has made me wiser and I’d love to share the experience with rest of the React community here in Hyderabad. - a more comprehensive profile.



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