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Rohit Dhall


Structured approach to application performance using Software Performance Engineering

Submitted Jun 23, 2018

Workshop title – Introduction to Software Performance Engineering and tools demonstration

Performance of a software system is very critical aspect for the system to be successful. With complexity of software systems increasing by the day, it becomes very difficult to properly manage performance aspect of the system. Software performance Engineering (SPE) provides structured approach of managing performance during every phase and activity of the software development project.
In this workshop, we will talk in details, about what SPE is, how it can be used in SDLC, Agile and other development methodologies.Then we will present some performance design patterns, best design practices. Finally we will have demo of using some of the performance tools, used in Java development eco-system, to identify, troubleshoot and fix potential performance problems in java applications.


  1. About the speaker
  2. Introduction to Software Performance Engineering(SPE)
  3. Gathering NFRs
  4. Performance Patterns and best design practices
  5. SPE in SDLC and Continuous Integration(CI)
  6. Common tools used in Performance Engineering
  7. Details of demo and Hands-on application
  8. Tools used in demo application (including details of some of the real world improvements made using these tools)
  9. Demo and Hands-on Session


Laptop with pre-defined setup ( for handson part,configurations setup doc will be provided)

Speaker bio

Rohit is working as an Enterprise Architect with the Engineering and R&D Services division of HCL Technologies. He has more than 20 years of experience. He helps global clients build technical solutions to solve their complex business problems. His main area of expertise is architecting, designing, and implementing high-performance, fault-tolerant, and highly available solutions for leading Telco and BFSI organizations. He has worked with diverse technologies like Java/J2EE, client-server, P2P, DWH, SOA, Big Data, IoT, etc. He regularly writes white papers, articles and blogs and for various IT events, forums, and portals. He is also a coauthor of the IBM Redbook and Redpaper on ‘ITCAM for WebSphere’


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