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Vivek Nayyar


State Management with new React 16.3 Context API

Submitted Jun 22, 2018

With the release of React 16.3 we have the new Context API being officialy announced and can now be used for managing our state.
Redux, React-Router and several other libraries that we used to use in our applications already were making use of this API but it was recommended to use it with care since the specifications might change.But now with the official release we all can leverage the benefits of it for managing our state.
In this talk we shall discuss about the basics of state management, how context api comes to make it easy and will conclude with making a redux sort of system using the new ContextAPI.


  • What is all the fuzz about Context API and how to make it work in your application’s.
  • What problem the Context API Solves
  • Global state managament with a single store using the Context API.


  • Basic understanding of React

Speaker bio

Full stack web developer with 3 years of Web dev and React experience.Currently working with Trusting Social.




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