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How to create a production quality React app?


Souvik Basu


We all know how to create small applications in React but most of us struggle to create a strong foundation for a complex app. This talk will touch upon how to create a production quality application using React


  • Moving from Hello World to Production app
  • Different Architectural patterns that help to manage a complex app
  • HOC
  • Managing components
  • State management - what and how
  • How Routes help to handle app complexity
  • Defining the right Project structure
  • Deployment concerns


Basic knowledge of React

Speaker bio

Souvik is a JS enthusiasts with 15 years experience in the industry. His day job is to set up a team on React project in Tesco Bengaluru. He loves to code equally well in React as well as in Angular. Currently he is spending a lot of time exploring Conversational UI.